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The holidays are the perfect time to celebrate with your family and friends. If you’re planning on hosting an upcoming party (or several) in your home this holiday season, it’s time for holiday decorating. The atmosphere must be just right from the start. You will want your party to be all your guests will talk about for days after. 

There is an art to finding just the right holiday look, one that matches your family’s personal style. You want it to look festive enough so people can enjoy themselves in your home but not feel overdone. We’ve rounded up some tips for decorating, which will have everyone marveling at how beautiful everything looks.

When your guests arrive, there’s no need for them to feel like they’ve walked into an empty space. First, survey your home’s exterior, front door, and entryway. Does it look festive during this time?

You can bring some excitement to the door with clever decorations and an engaging personality. It is the first thing guests will see when they arrive, so make it festive and inviting. The possibilities for entryways are endless.

Hang a wreath on the door, string some lights around the porch, and add a few holiday plants or flowers. Or try hanging some sweet handmade signs that read “Merry Christmas!” along with colorful ribbons tied around them (perfect if they’re not too big). Or even festive color plaids such as reds paired alongside greens traditionally represented the holidays. 

Then look at decorating the spaces where most of the holiday entertaining will happen. Light the fireplace, and add festive touches like holiday-themed throw pillows or a holiday garland. You’ll want to really make them shine. 

The space around the tree is where most of your holiday entertaining will happen. It is the perfect place to let your own personalized style shine. 

Trim off excess branches on the tree, decorate with your holiday favorites, or make a fresh start and have fun picking out all new decorations. 

Liven up the fireplace with festive throws or decorations (think awesome color-themed garlands).

But the holiday fun doesn’t stop there. 

It’s on to the dining area! You can make up a traditional table setting or go one step further and create a unique holiday atmosphere – setting out china plates & glasses alongside bottles of your favorite wine.

The holidays are a time to gather with friends and loved ones, so don’t forget those little extra steps to make your home feel like theirs. 

Add candles in strategic places and play holiday music while they dance under the mistletoe, or fix an amazing dinner spread complete with appetizers on offer! 

The little things can go a long way when creating this magical feeling.

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