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Luxury homes are no longer just places to retire and rest. Connecting with the outside world is a rapidly growing trend. The winter and rainy weather have kept us all cocooning inside, but now it’s time to begin looking at your outdoor space as a place to decorate and entertain. 

Traditional backyards are being transformed. Today it’s all about seamlessly extending the entertaining luxuries you love inside your home to their outdoor living spaces. 

Whether you love traditional family BBQs, scheduling a night with a book club and wine, or hosting a group of friends for a couples night out, there are several ways you can transform your backyard into the hottest spot in town. 

Install a Cozy Firepit

Backyard fire pits make your outdoor space an attractive and welcoming setting for social gatherings. They are great for sharing time with friends, family, or alone with your special someone around a crackling fire. 

Set-Up an Outdoor Kitchen

Who wouldn’t want an outdoor kitchen where you can cook al fresco? Grill? Check. Roasting spit? Check. Mini-fridge? Check. 

Today’s outdoor kitchens go beyond these basics. Think beyond the traditional grilling area for your burgers and brats. Configure your grilling area to cook different items at different temperatures. Meat-steamers are popular and a great way to prepare a barbeque. Or steam seasoned vegetables that perfectly complement your other dishes. 

Another popular trend this year is outdoor pizza makers. Create a variety of pizzas with different toppings to please all palates. 

Create a Cozy Outdoor Movie Theater

This summer, you can enjoy endless blockbusters in your backyard! 

All you need to create your own personal movie theater is a projector and an outdoor movie screen, which come in freestanding, hanging, and even inflatable models. And you have everything you need to host an amazing outdoor movie night. 

And don’t forget the popcorn!

Get Started

Here are a couple of fun ideas to get you started. 

Spring and summer are great excuses to get out and have fun with your friends and family. 

So if you’ve invested in a luxury outdoor living space, show it off! There’s no better way to share your space than hosting a gathering.

If you’ve been looking for a beautiful house to start hosting all your friends, call the team at Leadership Properties and find out how easy it can be. 479.841.943